What a brilliant opportunity to raise lives globally out of poverty lines!!! Am excited to be in GWA .
- Abayomi
Receive my first RA 0.06BTC from new GWA and reinvest for my second PA. Thank you Global Wealth Assistance team.
- Saravanan
I received my second RA in full. Thank you GWA
- Tracey
So far I have been doing 5 PA and everyone of them have been paid out when I did RAś on them. Thank you all for being apart of this community! Feels great to bee here with you.
- Mariette
GWA is THE BEST OF THE BEST. Founders and admins always available, RA's always get paid, and always excellent support! A positive community of people helping people. My only regret is that I didn't know about GWA earlier!
- Deborah
I received my second RA yesterday...am so excited. Thanks Global Wealth Assistance
- Angel
I have just confirmed my RA now . Now l believe dis is d best platform , indeed global wealth assistance rocks, let's rock it together and kick poverty out of dis community !!!
- Daramola
I received my RA yesterday and im happy. Global Wealth Assistance is d best
- Michael
did two PA's - therefore 2 RA's - wow wow wow have just received my 2nd RA!! :-)
- tony
I PA of 150usd and RA yesterday 22nd April 2017 of 250usd. Am grateful for this platform. Have PA again am waiting to RA thank you Global Wealth Assistance.
- omari
Love it GWA = We Are Rising Our Wealth in a honest way via Internet. This is possible amongst all the dubious money maker progs around.
Great for little budget people and great for all those who are in to get a little help to others as well!!!
- Roland
Waooh live long global wealth assistance...I received my first RA just now...thanks thanks I will never let you go GWA
- James
I have had so much JOY with the whole Global Wealth Assistance experience. I definitely feel excited and obviously rewarded when “Request Assistance” time comes around, but the amazing thing is that I can know that I contribute to others having the same feeling each time I “Provide Assistance”. What a privilege!

Especially for the needy, let’s participate to have “Global Wealth Assistance” forever!”

Thank you Gerhardt for the vision, and then to Vivian and the whole team for working with such patience and commitment to make all of this possible for so many.
- Neville
Hello GWA Team,

A big thank you !
I received my first RA in full on 21 March. Now excited and waiting for my second one. It's great way to increase wealth.
My third PA is in process.
- Puneet
I am very happy to announce to the whole world that Global Wealth Assistance is real! And a neat way to financial freedom! This program has been so Wonderful to be a part of! It is going on 2 months now for me and I can only say Great things About Global Wealth Assistance!! Love all that is involved with this program!
- Akinbowale Isaac
Hello GWA family I am writing this to inform you all that I have received my latest RA paid in full. When it clears the pending status. I will complete another PA.

Have a Great Day

- Paula
I joined Global Wealth Assistance on February 7th, 2017 and I am so Happy that I did. This program has been so Wonderful to be a part of! It is going on 2 months now for me and I can only say Great things About Global Wealth Assistance!! Love all that is involved with this program!!!
- Dora
Joined Global Wealth Assistance and started first on Dec 24th have done PAs and RAs 12 times and still 2 RAs on the way. A program Like No other. .. Thanks awesome Admin..
- Kingsley
I recently was introduced to this amazing opportunity by my trusted friend who eventually became my sponsor in Global Wealth Assistance and I am glad I took the step and joined this community. This is life changing and the plus side of this opportunity is that we have an Honest admin and team that really care about the members. Long Live Global Wealth Assistance.
This is going to be my 4th PA and more to come. Peace and Blessings to Everyone.
- Robert
Delighted to say I got my RA today! Now to submit another PA - onwards and upwards!
- Kenneth
I joined Global Wealth Assistance through my husband and we did when things are not rosy at all. Living in a third world country is a talk for another day but Global Wealth Assistance is the main reason for a turn around in our finances. god bless the initiator. long live global wealth assistance.
- Bisiga
I PA early last month, and I got my RA just before the end of the same month. Thanks to Global Wealth Assitance. It's real!