What Is Global Wealth Assistance ?

Global Wealth Assistance is a private Global cooperative mutual assistance platform created by entrepreneurs and intended to be “By the people and For the people” for the purpose of providing and requesting financial assistance with fellow members within the GWA community.


Is Global Wealth Assistance A Company, Business Or Corporation?

No. It's not a business, it's a private Global community.


How Does It Work?

You can think of GWA as almost a kind of a matchmaker.  We have a safe, secure platform where the community comes together.  Those who Provide Assistance (PA) are matched with people who want to Receive Assistance (RA). It is strictly member-to-member, no funds are held by GWA.  Those who Provide Assistance (PA) will always receive back more than they give --- how much more depends on which Plan you choose to participate in.  Please check the How It Works tab for more information, and learn how you can benefit from being a member.      


How Can I Participate?

Please contact the person who told you about this, and follow his or her referral link to sign up. They will help you get all set up, and explain how simple it is to make a PA (Provide Assistance) and get started to a brighter future. When your PA matures, you will be able to RA (Request Assistance) for more than the amount you gave as a PA.   


Can I Have More Than One Account?

No, you can only have one account. Click on the Terms and Conditions button on the bottom of the site for more details.


How Do I Introduce People To Global Wealth Assistance ?​

You will be given a referral link when you join.  Just share your link to introduce other people to Global Wealth Assistance.  It is to your benefit to bring other people in to help us grow, and you will get Rewards for doing this.  


Is Global Wealth Assistance Available Worldwide?

Yes, Global Wealth Assistance is 100% free to join and available worldwide.


Are There Any Fees?

No.  But we hope you will start participating and provide assistance to somebody as soon as you join.  See How It Works for details on how to get started.  


What Payment Processors Can I Use?

We use Bitcoin ONLY.  We recommend BlockChain.info because you can get the transaction number almost immediately. But you may use any bitcoin wallet you want.  


Can I Change My Sponsor?

No, you will not be allowed to change your sponsor except under special circumstances.  Please contact Support if you have a problem with your sponsor.


Can I Edit My Profile?

Yes, you can edit/change everything in your profile except your Username and your Bitcoin wallet address.  If you must change your Bitcoin wallet address for some reason, you'll need to send in a support ticket.  When you make a change in your profile you have to confirm it by responding to a verification email you'll get.  IF you get a verification email when you have NOT made any changes, contact Support immediately.  Do not click on it.


Can I Get A Refund ?

No. Refunds are not possible. The funds go directly member-to-member. When registering your account, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Global Wealth Assistance.


When Will I Receive Any Funds ?

When you receive funds depends on the Plan you select when you make your PA (Provide Assistance). You can do an RA (Request Assistance) when your PA matures.


How Will I Receive Any Funds?

The system will match your RA (Request Assistance) with a member who does a PA (Provide Assistance). The member doing the PA will send the funds directly to your Bitcoin wallet.


Is Recruiting Required?

No recruiting is required, however, if you chose to help the community grow you can earn GWA Rewards.


How Can I Qualify For GWA Rewards?

As long as you have an "Active" PA at all times, you are eligible to receive Rewards for introducing our community to others and helping them change their lives too.  If you DO NOT have an active PA you are not qualified to withdraw GWA Rewards.  But it's easy to keep an active PA going!  As soon as you receive an RA, just make a new PA and give some of what you received back to help somebody else.  This is what keeps our community healthy and prosperous.


What is the Community Reserve Fund (CRF)?

Each time someone puts in a PA (depending which plan is selected) some of that money will be put into the Community Reserve Fund.  The CRF is a community owned wallet and helps to make sure that every members gets his RAs in a timely manner after requesting them.


I Have A Question Which Is Not Answered Here?

1:  Always check with your sponsor first, he or she might be able to help you quickly and easily.

2:  Read the How It Works page for more details on how PAs and RAs work.

3:  Once you are a registered member, you'll have access to more detailed information in your back office.  You will also be able to submit tickets to Support.  We do our best to respond to all tickets effectively and in a timely manner.